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Understanding PPI – Guide

PPI could have been a fantastic investment for you. This is why we are encouraging our readers to go through their old paperwork. The amount of interest racked up could seriously be worth a lot of money to you.
Claer Barrett - Editor , FT Money (The Financial Times)

In the video above the Editor of FT Money and the Digital Editor of FT Money explain why everyone should check to see if they were mis-sold PPI.

Although the lighthearted approach with the feather dusters may be amusing they explain why they say that “PPI could have been a fantastic investment for you.” There is a link to the page and the full video on the Financial Times website at the bottom of this page.

PPI an Investment?

At 8% (the regulator’s rate for calculating interest) on your funds means that the compensation often is much higher than the original cost.  An 8% return on your capital would be hard if not impossible to match.  This is why the PPI policy that was mis-sold to you may very well turn out to be the best investment you ever made.

The FCA consider that 4 out of every 5 consumers who may have legitimate claims for compensation have not yet taken action.

Get the facts and follow the steps outlined in our Free “Understanding PPI course”.

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Our short course in understanding PPI and how to claim compensation is available FREE by registering to read our guide.  There is no catch.

PPI  is one of the biggest misselling scandals to hit financial services in the UK over £21 Billion has had to be repaid in compensation by financial firms to consumers for a variety of reasons.

PPI was sold under a variety of names so you may not have realised that you were paying for it.

You may not have realised you were paying interest on the premium or that the lender had already taken over 7o% of the premium in commission immediately.

The firms that sold it used a variety of trading names that are often no longer in use.  Some firms have gone bust.  Our guide explains all this and how to go about checking, finding and submitting your claim.

This easy to follow course will help you get to grips with all of this and walk you step by step through every aspect.

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There is no reason for you to employ anyone to help you with this including claims management companies who will take up 40% of YOUR MONEY. 

We do NOT recommend any Claim Managment company. 
If you need help because you have a disability or are helping someone there are voluntary organisations that will help you.
You will find these in our resources section.

Our only interest in this is helping you. Although we have a panel of Advisers who can help you in almost every aspect of personal finance you do NOT need to ask for their help in making a claim for compensation for PPI.

If you have any questions about going through the course just complete our feedback form and I will attempt to answer it and point you in the direction of organisations that can help.  There are links to the relevant pages on the websites of the FCA, The Financial Ombudsman and others on our resources page.

Register and join YourMoney now and make sure that you are not included in the 4 out of 5 people who the FCA consider may have legitimate claims for compensation and who have not yet taken action.

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PPI – and why you should check on the FT.com