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The YourMoney Adviser Panel

Your Money Advisers Panel

The YourMoney Adviser Panel has come about after a long association with practising IFAs. Gordon Burns the publisher of this site has been running the FinservUK discussion list forum for advisers for 20 years. (This makes it the longest established on-line forum for financial advisers in the UK).

All of the panel members are selected on their ability, qualifications, their commitment to client service and their FCA registration. They all pay a small fee to maintain this site and keep it up to date with personal financial news. All panel members pay the same fee. All advisers on the panel have agreed to an initial consultation with any user who enquires at their expense.

How YourMoney Adviser Service is different.

There are many sites that will give you the opportunity to find an adviser.  I am sure many will find you a competent adviser.

However, many of these sites operate on a bidding basis where advisers have to bid for your enquiry and the highest bidder gets your enquiry.

I have never thought that this was a satisfactory arrangement for either an adviser seeking new clients or for any individual seeking expert advice. Your desire to get expert, professional advice should not be seen a simple commodity to be sold at the highest price.  The IFA I recommend to you is chosen solely on the grounds that they fit the criteria, are qualified, FCA registered and have the expertise you need.

The YourMoney Adviser Service is a simple and uncomplicated way of you being introduced to a registered qualified adviser. For the adviser it is a straightforward method of being introduced to potential new clients to see if their service can benefit them.

It is very simple to arrange a consultation. Simply complete the form then I or a colleague will call you to confirm some basic facts. We will then introduce you to the adviser and provide you with a link to their FCA registration. Of course you can look this up at any time using the FCA web site.

Your confidential and private information and data.

Our involvement ends after the introduction. Any information and discussion between you and the Adviser is confidential. Client confidentiality would prevent any adviser discussing your affairs with us.  We do not keep your phone number and details to sell to other third parties.  You will never get phone calls from us to sell you anything it will not happen. If you have questions please contact me.


We would like your feedback on how the service can be improved and we would like you to subscribe to our newsletter. This will keep you up to date with articles published and covered by the media.