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July 16, 2015
Funeral Plans - Get it right

More and more people are realising the burden they are placing on their families if they haven’t made plans to set aside money for their own funeral. Finding several thousand pounds within a few days will put a strain on most family budgets. You have choices to make.

Funeral Plans

Funeral costs are rising much faster than inflation. There are many reasons for this e.g Crematorium costs are soaring as cash strapped councils are having to upgrade to meet new emission standards and appear to be making the crematoriums a revenue-generating service.

Many problems can arise with monthly funeral plans including the fact that they, in general, have no cash in value. Stop paying and all the money paid in premiums is lost. It is quite possible to get in a situation where you have paid in more premiums than the cost of your funeral, be well and healthy and will have to keep on paying for years to come or lose everything you have paid in.

The Telegraph has a feature on why your

. This feature explains the problem but recommends only one provider which may not be the best for your personal circumstances nor the most economic.

Prepaid Funeral Plans are complicated, and the marketing blurb can be very misleading. An INDEPENDENT Advice Service that does not simply recommend the services of one company and who can explain and recommend the best plan for your circumstances is what we would recommend.


There are other advantages of a pre-paid funeral plan that are not related to the financial considerations.  You will ensure that your wishes are carried out and are clear preventing any family disputes or stress caused by the family having to decide what you would have wanted.
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