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April 8, 2015

There has been considerable coverage over the UK government’s Pension Wise Guidance Service.  Although very new it appears that only 300 staff are available and that the “guidance” is very limited and is given to users with no liability.  It also appears that for sums of £30,000 and above Pension Wise will insist you also talk to a registered FCA adviser.


We have already had one web site taken down that was passing it self off as Pension Wise. Please read our article on avoiding the Pension Fraudsters. The new act has given the Treasury new powers to act over copycat sites.

Pension Wise Guidance or Advice

It also appears that “guidance” related to impaired life annuities will not be covered.  The Telegraph correspondent was particularity scathing about the Pension Wise web site.  You can read more on the press coverage  by following the links below.

The Adviser’s Quandry

It is being made clear to Advisers that the insistent client who demands that he wants his fund now when this is not the advice given, must be told to go elsewhere. You can not blame the adviser, no regulated adviser wants to be in the position of being in the firing line with FOS and the FCA. For the consumer this whole area is now a complicated and dangerous one.

My recommendation is to read the articles linked on the Pension Scammers here. If your Pension pot is less than £30,000 and you are and always have been in excellent health you can speak to Pension Wise. However, a good financial adviser will be able to give you advice, something that Pension Wise can not.  If you would like to talk to a recommended FCA registered adviser from our panel please follow the link below.

The Your Money panel of advisers are all registered professional advisers. We will supply you with the link to the FCA register so you can check. All of our panel advisers offer a consultation at their expense. Just click on the link below and complete the short form if you would like to talk.
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If you would like to talk to one of the advisers on our panel please complete this short form. All of the advisers on our panel are FCA registered (we will provide a link for you to check). All provide an initial no obligation consultation at their expense.

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All of the advisers on the YourMoney panel are qualified, experienced FCA registered advisers. Why not have a consultation at their expense to see what they can do for you?

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