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July 19, 2015
Pension Unlocking

These fraudsters  are thriving,  currently active and they will target you. The warnings about the dangers of pension unlocking and pension “liberation” and examples can be found in the national press.

Pension Unlocking and Pension Liberation – Beware !

The fraudsters are always plausible, they always make it sound good and reasonable they may mention” legal loopholes”. Do not use anyone to advise on your pension and maximum cash etc unless they are an FCA registered adviser.  If you have any doubt check them out against the FCA register.

Many of these reputable looking, yet totally fraudulent firms will place your money in unregulated funds, often off shore.  Not only can you lose everything you can end up in debt to HMRC  if any rules were broken.

Lives are being ruined, retirement hopes shattered by these unscrupulous fraudsters.  Make sure it does not happen to you. If you use an unregulated firm and you lose due to fraud the chances of compensation are minimal!

You can read the

which makes it clear that there is NO way that pension liberation is legal.  Pension liberation is where the whole fund is released. Repeat- it is NOT possible to do this legally!  If anyone tells you it is then contact me!


  also writes about the issue here.

If you have any doubts about the best course of action and how to discover what your best options are you must get advice from a FCA regulated adviser.


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