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April 23, 2015

Pension Liberation Sharks

If you have any doubts about the dangers inherent in the new pensions legislation just take look through our gallery of screen shots at the foot of this page. Newspapers ranging from the Financial Times to the Morning Star all highlight the risks contained in the new pension freedoms and specifically about the activities of “Pension Liberation Sharks”.


The new freedom and flexibility with pension savings offers great opportunities to maximise the benefits and arrange pension savings in the most advantageous way to suit your circumstances.

This same freedom will allow people to make serious mistakes with far reaching and irreversible consequences. It is inevitable that mistakes will be made – some through lack of understanding, some from poor advice and some will simply be conned. In many cases it is likely there will be no recourse.

Like any situation, the more choice and freedom exists, the more often some who exercise it will make poor choices. Fraudsters by their nature are plausible, they would be poor fraudsters if they were not. There are some basic steps you can take to check any adviser out. Check the Guide to spotting Pension Sharks using the link below.

The Your Money panel of advisers are all registered professional advisers. We will supply you with the link to the FCA register so you can check. All of our panel advisers offer a consultation at their expense. Just click on the link below and complete the short form if you would like to talk.

Press Articles on Pension Liberation Sharks

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All of the advisers on the YourMoney panel are qualified, experienced FCA registered advisers. Why not have a consultation at their expense to see what they can do for you?

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