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May 11, 2015

Expat State Pensions

Retiring abroad is a common desire for many in the UK. For those that move to the sunny Mediterranean countries of the EC their UK state pension is preserved and increased each year. If you move to the United States it is preserved and again increases each year in line with state pensions paid in the UK.

For those who retire to the Commonwealth countries e.g. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada the state pension is frozen at the level it was on the day they permanently left the UK .

There has been a long campaign on this inequality supported by MPs of all parties. They point out that many have moved to be near relatives and had paid into the state pension for years. They are now receiving a pension that can be as little as 25% of the figure they would have received if they had stayed in the UK and to which they feel entitled.

Press Articles on Expat State Pensions

Links to press coverage of this topic. The Daily Mail features a lady who applies for and is granted the pension for at the full rate for the period she is visiting the UK “Just because of the nuisance value“.

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