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Pension Advice Articles

This page lists pension advice articles and features published on the site. There are articles on the new regulations and freedoms as well as the dangers lurking in these freedoms for the unwary or vulnerable. Pensions making the most of your pension is a complicated and tricky business.   Trading through the articles and the linked media pages will I am sure convince you it is  not a simple and straightforward process and it is certainly not one you can afford to make a mistake with.

You should always make Pension decisions carefully and consider the consequences thoroughly. Check any adviser against the FCA register to ensure they are legitimate.  If you would like to talk without obligation about pensions to one of the FCA registered advisers on our panel please complete this form.

Pension Advice Articles Listing

  • Negative Interest Rates August 1, 2016 - Negative interest rates are here. For how long and what the consequences will be for on investors, savers, borrowers and the economy is difficult to say. On July 1st the FT reported that all Swiss government debt yields went negative. The last to go was a bond that does not mature for almost 50 years. […]
  • Pension Unlocking Pension Unlocking July 19, 2015 - These fraudsters  are thriving,  currently active and they will target you. The warnings about the dangers of pension unlocking and pension “liberation” and examples can be found in the national press. Pension Unlocking and Pension Liberation – Beware ! The fraudsters are always plausible, they always make it sound good and reasonable they may mention” […]
  • UK Pensions comparison UK Pensions comparison July 14, 2015 -   The FT reports on how UK pensions compare with other countries. A recent study comparing 25 international retirement systems placed the UK in ninth position. UK Pensions comparison Survey This is an improvement on an previous years results but still a long way behind Denmark, which ranks top and has done so  for a […]
  • Pension Freedom Frustration Pension Freedom Frustration June 22, 2015 - Pension Freedom Frustration The current situation is that if the pension pot is in excess of £30,000.00 and the pension owner wishes to access the funds they must get advice from an FCA registered adviser.  Nobody is happy Situations are arising where no party in this situation is happy.  The pension provider is bound by […]
  • Pension Charges Cap Pension Charges Cap June 18, 2015 - The government has woken up to the anger being felt by members of pension schemes when confronted with what they regard as unfair penalties when accessing their pension funds under the new pension freedom legislation.     A Pension Charges Cap The government is going to consult on this issue and ,   and  all […]
  • Pension Freedoms Frustrated Pension Freedoms Frustrated June 16, 2015 - A current topic covered in the UK Press is that of Pension freedoms frustrated by providers who are preventing members wishing take advantage of the new Pension Freedoms.   Pension Freedoms Frustrated The , and the all have written on this topic but they are far from being alone. Ian Duncan Smith the new Pensions […]
  • Expat State Pensions Expat State Pensions May 11, 2015 - Retiring abroad is a common desire for many in the UK. For those that move to the sunny Mediterranean countries of the EC their UK state pension is preserved and increased each year. If you move to the United States it is preserved and again increases each year in line with state pensions paid in […]
  • Charles Stanley - Compound Interest Power Compound Interest Power April 28, 2015 - The power and effect of compound interest on your savings is remarkable.  It ws described by Albert Einstein as the 8th wonder of the world.  The fact that saving for 10 years can result in a bigger fund than saving for 40 as illustrated in the Telegraph article below is a testament to this simple […]
  • Pension Liberation Sharks Pension Liberation Sharks April 23, 2015 - If you have any doubts about the dangers inherent in the new pensions legislation just take look through our gallery of screen shots at the foot of this page. Newspapers ranging from the Financial Times to the Morning Star all highlight the risks contained in the new pension freedoms and specifically about the activities of […]
  • The value of an Adviser The value of an Adviser April 23, 2015 - The value of an adviser will often be seen in their skill and experience, their qualifications, their knowledge and the continuing education and supervision by the regulators. All of which is true, however, an aspect of adviser value that is often missed is that they will frequently secure a better deal for you particularly when […]
  • Pension Wise Guidance Pension Wise Guidance April 8, 2015 - There has been considerable coverage over the UK government’s Pension Wise Guidance Service.  Although very new it appears that only 300 staff are available and that the “guidance” is very limited and is given to users with no liability.  It also appears that for sums of £30,000 and above Pension Wise will insist you also […]
  • The Telegraph- Pension Funds The Best Deal Pension Funds The Best Deal April 4, 2015 - Many who saved  diligently and invested in a pension with reputable leading UK pension providers do not get the best deal they should.   This is a simple testament of fact.   Why?  because many savers do not question what they are offered.  They seek no impartial advice and rely on some of the largest investment […]