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April 28, 2015

Avoiding Investment Scams

It is quite frighting when you start to investigate the number of investment scams that are perpetrated on victims in the UK. It is very easy to assume that you are smart enough to avoid them and perhaps you are.  The video below from the FCA web site is that of a retired teacher who explains how the scam that he was subject to worked and how he avoided it. Watching this you will make you understand how an investor could be taken in by this.


The article by Katie Morley from the telegraph also gives a useful guide on some simple internet checks you can make. There is also a link to the Action Fraud site which allows you to register and receive email alerts of any new scams and is certainly worth checking out. The registration is rather long winded. Ethnicity questions etc.  but if you do not wish to add your data to some government data project you can choose “prefer not to say”.

The linked pages below also in turn have links to other resources. I would ask all readers to please share this information and links if you manage to stop just one fraud it will be worthwhile.

Press Articles on Avoiding Investment Scams

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