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May 15, 2015

Buying insurance on-line

Buying insurance on-line always appears to be the easiest, simplest and fastest option. A few clicks and you can compare insurance quotations from many providers to get the best deal. You should realise that not all companies appear on comparison sites and to get a true picture asking your local broker to quote can often bring surprising results. Read through the linked articles below and you will be better informed on getting the best deal

Many of the policies have exclusions or the cover for breakdown may not be as thorough as you might wish. The excess that you pay may be higher in the event of a claim.

Rory Stoves, of the Financial Ombudsman Service, warns: “Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. You have got to go through and look at what the insurance doesn’t cover.

The FCA have recently expressed concern that users are not been given clear explanations regarding the cost of premium finance. Check the links below for more information.


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