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Protection Advice Articles

This page lists articles and features published on the Your Money site that relate to Protection and Health Advice. There are articles on the new regulations and freedoms as well as the dangers lurking in these freedoms for the unwary or vulnerable. You should always make Pension decisions carefully and consider the consequences thoroughly. Check any adviser against the FCA register to ensure they are legitimate.

  • Funeral Plans - Get it right Funeral Plans July 16, 2015- More and more people are realising the burden they are placing on their families if they haven’t made plans to set aside money for their own funeral. Finding several thousand pounds within a few days will put a strain on most family budgets. You have choices to make. Funeral Plans Funeral costs are rising much […]
  • The Guardian - Long Term Care Advice Long Term Care Advice April 4, 2015- A new care act came into force on April 1st 2015.   The act clarified the obligations of the local authority and imposed a new duty to promote people’s well being. There is now a national eligibility threshold rather then one set locally.  The new deferred payment scheme is designed allow home owners to postpone payment […]