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Negative Interest Rates

Negative interest rates are here. For how long and what the consequences will be for on investors, savers, borrowers and the economy is difficult to say. On July 1st the FT reported that all Swiss government debt yields went negative. The last to go was a bond that does not mature for almost 50 years. Investors in the 50 year bond are willing "to pay more to hold the bond th [...]

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Closet Tracker funds – Is Yours?

It should be a clear choice for investors. Invest in an  Active or a Tracker fund but is your fund one of the "Closet Tracker Funds" charging you active fund fees? In simple terms  a tracker fund (one that closely mirrors an index) which is a relatively simple automated service to balance the holdings in a fund or choose an active fund where skilled stock pickers and manag [...]

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Buy to Let Tax Changes

The new buy to let tax changes that are being phased in over the next few years will have a significant impact on all landlords. For many with mortgages it may make the whole proposition a non starter.  It is now possible to end up in a position where a landlord can pay more in tax than they earn in revenue from the buy to let investments. The [...]

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Pension Unlocking

These fraudsters  are thriving,  currently active and they will target you. The warnings about the dangers of pension unlocking and pension "liberation" and examples can be found in the national press.       [...]

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Funeral Plans

More and more people are realising the burden they are placing on their families if they haven’t made plans to set aside money for their own funeral. Finding several thousand pounds within a few days will put a strain on most family budgets. You have choices to make. Funeral Plans Funeral costs are rising much faster than inflation. There are many reasons for this e.g Crema [...]

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UK Pensions comparison

  The FT reports on how UK pensions compare with other countries. A recent study comparing 25 international retirement systems placed the UK in ninth position. [...]

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FSCS deposit limit to drop to £75k

The Prudential Regulation Authority has announced changes to the FSCS deposit limit and a new lower level of protection from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.   [...]

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Critical Illness Read the Small Print

Critical Illness Read the Small Print Story featured in the mail of a  [...]

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Equity Release Advice

It is a financial quandary that faces many. That of being asset rich but income poor. Is it best to use Equity Release or to sell the family home and downsize to raise funds? Equity Release is not just a financial decision but an emotional one.   [...]

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Pension Charges Cap

The government has woken up to the anger being felt by members of pension schemes when confronted with what they regard as unfair penalties when accessing their pension funds under the new pension freedom legislation.   [...]

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Pension Freedom Frustration

Pension Freedom Frustration The current situation is that if the pension pot is in excess of £30,000.00 and the pension owner wishes to access the funds they must get advice from an FCA registered adviser.     [...]

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Cost of Life Insurance

According to a recent survey the average consumer over estimates the monthly cost of life insurance by considerable amount. When questioned participants estimated the premium would be be £50.98 per month when in fact the average true premium was £10.31.     [...]

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